The most popular open source on the internet explorer is the Firefox. Mozilla Firefox is also known as Firefox browser. It holds excellent web standards. The original name of Mozilla Firefox is Quantum. The user interface that is used for Mozilla Firefox is amazing. It is available for Windows, Linus, and macOS. The Webkit version of Mozilla Firefox is used by the Ios. Firefox emerged in 2002 and it was named as Phoenix.

The successor of Netscape Navigator is Firefox. Firefox is known for its super speed, best features, and online privacy and is one of the commonly used web servers in the world.  When Firefox was released, it achieved around 60 million downloads within 9 months. The Netscape is solely responsible for the creation of the Mozilla Family. There was a healthy competition between internet explorer 7 and Mozilla Firefox version 3.5. Both competed well and Firefox was declared the best out of both. Firefox is most commonly used as the desktop browser. The Google chrome is still the most used web server throughout the world but still Microsoft Firefox is a server which is used by 50% of the people. Firefox has become the default browser for many people. They have chosen Firefox as their default browser because of its most reliable features and also it has been declared as one of the trustworthy web servers around the globe. It provides built in tools to all the web developers. The tabbed browsing is one of the best features of Mozilla Firefox where you can browse different contents and information on different tabs. You can bookmark tabs which you wish to use every day and which are important for your browsing.

Firefox has many attractive themes which are associated to it. You can choose an appropriate theme for your desktop which will suit it. Those themes can be downloaded or you will be provided at the first place itself.

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